Chihiro Lia Ottsu is a Japanese photographer based in Berlin. 

After studying Brazilian culture and history at university, she moved to Australia and discovered her desire to communicate her thoughts and ideas through the medium of photography. 

 Her earlier works were focusing on treating photography as a vehicle of storytelling and confined emotions. Her works invited the viewer to witness the elementary concepts in life discovering subtle beauty. 

After gaining knowledge of silver gelatin printing and other alternative printing techniques, Chihiro shifted her main focus to the relationship of the photographed object or subject in relation to the photographic image itself. By using these printing techniques she intends to raise the question of the potential of an image and explores the visual image beyond the photographic paper.      

Group Show

-Dunkel Felder II @ Meinblau Projektraum, Berlin (2022)

-Current Currents Currency (Expanded Hamburg Photo Triennale) @ Raum Linksrechts, Hamburg (2022)

-Dunkel Felder @ Meinblau Projektraum, Berlin (2021)

-Selbstgesprächt @ GlogauAir, Berlin (2020)

-USAGE @ bluesleeve select, Hamburg, Germany(2018)

Solo Exhibition

-'Moving in circles' @Trafohaus, Kassel (2021)


-Tissue Magazine 666 Launch Event (2019)

Using Format